LAO Family Law Services

  • Family Law Information Centres (FLIC): If you don’t have a lawyer, FLICs offer free legal assistance and advice in many Ontario courthouses that deal with family matters.
  • Family Law Service Centres (FLSC): Services available at the six FLSCs including help with documents, and representation by a lawyer.
  • Family duty counsel: If you don’t have a lawyer, duty counsel can assist you in court with matters such as child custody or support.
  • Family Law Information Program: A free online resource for those about to enter the family court system.
  • Summary legal advice: Up to 20 minutes of legal advice given over the phone; available through Legal Aid Ontario’s toll-free number.
  • The certificate program: Eligible, low-income Ontarians can apply for full representation by a lawyer through the certificate program. A private lawyer who accepts legal aid clients (or a lawyer at a Family Law Office or FLSC) can assist with family matters such as custody; child access, support, and protection issues; restraining orders; property division; and more.