Online Links and Resources

  • Legal Aid Ontario : Information on legal aid services, including legal aid certificates
  • Teen Legal Help Line:  A free, confidential service that provides teens with answers to legal questions
  • ACLCO:  The Association of Community Legal Clinics of Ontario works to link Ontario legal clinics with the community  and to improve the legal welfare of those communities.
  • Justice Ontario:  Answers and information on the justice system in Ontario.  Access to information in 170 languages
  • Justice Net:  Legal services provided by lawyers, mediators and paralegals at a reduced fee.   For people whose income is too high to access legal aid and too low to afford standard legal fees.
  • Law Help Ontario : Information on how to obtain assistance if you are unrepresented in a civil (non-family) proceeding
  • Migrant Worker Health : Free Resources for the public and health providers with respect to migrant worker health
  • Court Prep:  This website will provide information on preparing for court.

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