Affidavit and Notary Services

We may be able to provide assistance if you require an affidavit or the services of a notary to witness a document or to make certified copies of documents.

You must be financially eligible to obtain this service.  Unless the matter is urgent, we request that you contact the office to determine if we can assist you and to make an appointment.

Examples of when we could assist include:

  • A subsidized housing provider requires an affidavit about your income.
  • You require a document sworn or notarized to obtain a government benefit.
  • You need to give a caregiver permission to travel outside of the country with your child or children.
  • Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program or another government office requires an affidavit or documents notarized.
  • You need an affidavit because you have lost a piece of identification.
  • You require a certified copy of an official document.

We do not provide service with respect to any corporate, business, real estate or estate matters.

If you require assistance with the above or a related matter, please contact us.